Vishnu KS


I started to run regularly this year.

When I started running I could only run for a few minutes.

Then I had to walk for sometime.

These sessions were for 2 or 3 Kilo metres.

I would then run again.

One day I ran continously from my home to Gym without stopping. It was probably 700 metres. I was very proud.

Another day I went for running with my friend.

He did’t stop for 2 KM while running.

He told me the trick was to run slow and I was running at a high pace.

So I started to follow his advice.

So I tried to go more and more distances without taking a long walking break.

It was initially hard.

But slowly I was able to do 1K, 2K and 3K.

At that time another friend of mine ran the London marathon.

He said to if you can do 3K then doing more is not that different.

So one day I tried 5k by running to LimeHouse from my house and back

I did the 5K but I had to take a small break in between.

Another day I tried again by running to the Southwark bridge and back.

I was able to do this time without taking any breaks. But I did had to slow down while climbing the stairs up the bridges and while passing tourists.

A couple of days back while I was running I was listening to a Podcast about going with the flow.

So I decided to just go with the flow instead of thinking about how much I can run or when I should stop.

I ended up running a 10K.

The feeling of running 10K was quite nice. There was this magical kind of feeling about doing something in a flow for a long time without getting distracted.

I don’t think I ever experienced that while running 5K.

Usually when I finish running those distances it’s mostly the satisfaction of doing the work and finishing the struggle.

But after finishing the 10K run, the feeling was of getting into a flow state.