Vishnu KS

Go with the flow

I started doing meditation this year.

As part of meditation, I used to listen to a lot of podcasts to help me progress in meditation.

I recently listened to a Podcast where Joseph Goldstein and Ram Dass had a conversation.

In that they talked about going with the flow.

The idea is to not overthink everything and just go with the flow and see where things lead to.

This was very comforting to hear.

As someone who have been doing programming as a regular profession for over 5 years now, I developed the habit of overthinking each and everything I do.

I probably had the habit even before programming but I think programming really accelerated the progress.

So I am now very mindful of not bringing this habit into day to day life.

I want to do things more in the flow and not over analyzing thing.

I was running while listening to this podcast.

I started running only recently. And till that day the highest I ever ran was 5K.

While running I decided to stop thinking about how much I can run and decided to just go with the flow.

I ended up running 10k.

It was a surreal moment.

Just going with the flow take you to places that you though was never possible.

This is also why I wrote this blog post.

I felt like writing this.

I am not going to do any editing for this blog post. I am just going to publish it.