Vishnu KS

Internet Detox

I will be using the Internet only to get things done for a month.

This means I won’t be using the Internet for:

  1. Watching videos or movies. This includes YouTube, Instagram, Apple TV, etc.

  2. Using Twitter.

I have blocked these sites on my laptop using Site Blocker Panda, which is a Chrome extension I built.

On my phone, I uninstalled these apps. I also disabled Chrome and Samsung Internet to prevent myself from using the web to access them. I kept Firefox as my only browser, with a site blocker enabled to block these apps.

  1. Listening to any podcasts.

  2. Slack is another source of distraction. I will check Slack only once every 60 minutes and will limit my channels to those that are directly work-related. I will check the social channels only during lunch hours.

  3. I will check my work email only right before work, during lunch, and before I sign off.

  4. I will spend the extra time outside working hours on books, programming, or engaging in outdoor activities.

  5. I am allowed to use websites that help me get work done, like GitHub, ChatGPT, etc.

  6. I am allowed to use apps like WhatsApp that keep me in touch with friends and family.

  7. I plan to reevaluate what I should reintroduce to my life after completing the 30 days.

  8. I am allowed to spend 15 minutes on Hacker News per day after I finish working on any side project. However, the catch is that I am only allowed to use the Lynx terminal browser for accessing it to avoid mindless scrolling.

The following are new rules I added after starting this experiment:

  1. I am allowed to check Instagram messages in the web app, but only at the end of the day.

  2. I can check Strava only while posting.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 and 5

Day 30