Vishnu KS

Simple algorithm to gamify Deep Work

  1. Start a timer and start working.

  2. If you get distracted:

    • Stop the timer.
    • Record the duration of the session.
    • Go back to Step 1.

Here is an example.

13 mins 21 seconds
25 mins 10 seconds
322 mins 54 seconds
533 mins 20 seconds

You might be surprised by the results.


  1. Checking email, Slack etc count as distracted if you are Programming.
  2. It’s easy to get distracted. You need to put a lot of effort not to.
  3. Generally the longer undistracted I can go, the better the quality of the work.
  4. Tracking the session duration gamify Deep Work. With a well defined score to beat your mind encouraged to focus more intensely on beating it.
  5. Optionally read Deep Work book book by Cal Newport if you haven’t read yet.