Vishnu KS

Cycling to Isle of Grain

A couple of days back I and my friend Bhargav decided to go for a long cycling ride.

We used, a popular website that curates rides in and round London to figure out our next ride.

We settled on Against the Grain since it was a long ride and don’t need any additional transportation. Plus some of my friends did it recently and they recommended it.

The official route was 137.9KM. If you add the distance from our home to the start of the ride it would be around 150KM.

I was a bit skeptical whether I would be able to finish it since the maximum I have done so far was around 50 KM.

But the ride turned out to be pretty fun.

The weather was quite nice. I woke up at around 7.

I had 3 boiled eggs before leaving home. Plus I got a bottle of Huel and water with me.

We met at 8 in Southwark park and set off for the ride.

The ride was mostly nice.

Ofocurse I underestimated the amount of food I bought.

I had to buy 2 snickers and a Sausage roll from a local shop along the way.

After a couple of hours we reached Isle of Grain.

We had a lunch at a pub at Hoo. I had fish and chips.

In the last 1 hour I was really low on energy. If it was not for the snacks I could not have probably not gone further.

But overall it was quite a fun experience and great day!